These papers present SIL’s understanding of good language program management. They are based on theory, research and experience gained in SIL’s decades of community-based language development work.

These papers are presented here for wider application and evaluation. We welcome feedback. Click on Contact Us choose ‘Language Programs Management.’

Language Program Management – A Model for the 21st Century

Introduction to Language Program Manager Roles and Profiles



This two-volume handbook is written for those who are interested in community language development, both within and outside local language communities. The handbook is written for the practitioner rather than the academic, and is richly illustrated with examples and case studies.

Volume 1: Perspectives on Community Based Language Development (forthcoming)

Volume 1 describes the fundamental social and linguistic forces that underlie, drive, and limit community language development.

 Volume 2: Perspectives on Language Program Management (forthcoming)

Volume II shows how the fundamental principles described in Volume 1 can be practically applied in planning and managing community-based language development programs.

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