Among the fundamental concepts in Language Programs Management are:

  • Effective programs are well-managed programs.
  • Those who serve in any of the program management roles should have the necessary skills, attitudes and knowledge in order to competently serve others.

This leads to defining the necessary competencies for each of these roles, and then to identify courses (formal, informal, self-study) in which a programs manager can upgrade his/her skills and knowledge.

In the current model of language programs management there are three primary roles:

Administrator for Programs and Partnerships

  • The Administrator represents his or her own organization in strategic planning with partner organizations and other stakeholders. He/she oversees the organization’s resource development and general contributions to language development programs/projects. He/she provides leadership for the Program Managers.
  • The Program Manager works together with language communities and other stakeholders to plan and implement language development programs. He/she manages their organization’s contribution to five to seven language communities. He /she provides leadership to project leaders and teams.
  • The Project leader /manager works alongside project-level stakeholders including the local community, participates in planning the project, and manages the implementation. He/she provides leadership for the project team members.

All three of these roles: Administrators, Program Managers and Project Leaders/Managers require competencies in Sociolinguistics, Language Development, Management for Language Programs, and Participatory Community Development principles.

Each role has its own required level of competency and knowledge. An advisor from the Language Program Management Development Group can help each individual to determine the content of a personalized training program. The advisor will use interviews and a competency assessment tool to take into account the individual's background and training. For more information contact us.

After assessment by Language Program Management staff, a personalized study program will be developed.  This program would include some combination of university courses, online courses, seminars, workshops, and supervised personal study.  For those interested in a project management certification or formal degree program, click here. A masters degree program in language program management is available through the University of Free State in South Africa for those currently working in a language development program.

Those who are new to one of these roles frequently undertake a six-month to one year field internship, which further prepares an individual for service in Language Program Management.