What We Do


SIL International endeavors to strengthen Language Program Management through

  • conducting research into language program management practices in order to develop appropriate models and determine best practices
  • providing training and training resources for language program managers
  • providing technical assistance for language program managers.

SIL's areas of particular interest and effort for program management include:

  • relationships in four directions; to community, to other stakeholders, to the project team and to the organization administration and sponsors.

  • program design that incorporates
    • results that meet language development desires of the community
    • stakeholder participation
    • assessment of local capacity to manage and staff the program
    • risk management
    • monitoring and periodic evaluation
    • documentation of plans and progress with  reporting to others
  • management of programs that includes:
      • leading and developing project teams
      • working with stakeholders
      • personnel, resources and financial management,
      • monitoring progress and making decisions
      • documentation, communications and reporting