Awareness Raising and Advocacy

Research and experience around the world have testified to the value of education for children, youth and adults. They recognize the learners’ home language and culture as the best foundation for learning new languages and new concepts. Unfortunately, however, there is still a lack of understanding of the rationale, purposes and long-term benefits of mother tongue-first education among the people, agencies and institutions whose support is essential to successful and sustained programs. Awareness-raising and advocacy, therefore, is a necessary first step in program implementation.

SIL helps to raise awareness about the importance of language and culture for sustainable education and development programs in non-dominant language communities. SIL personnel work with local communities, government agencies and non-government organizations in advocating for mother tongue-based education locally, nationally and internationally. In addition, SIL Literacy and Education consultants have contributed to advocacy materials produced by UNESCO and other international organizations.



Proceedings on Local Languages in Education and Development, Limuru, Kenya, 22-24 June 2015
Empowering Communities through the Use of Local Languages in Education and Development Programmes


Resources for Awareness Raising and Advocacy