Language Education

In successful Mother Tongue-Based Multilingual Education (MTB MLE) programs students learn to read and write in their mother tongue or first language (L1)—the language they know best.  They begin learning the official school language (their school L2) orally, first by listening and responding to directions and then, when they are ready, by engaging in dialogue.  With a good foundation in reading and writing their L1 and a good basic vocabulary in oral L2, students are ready to “bridge” to reading and writing the L2.  Well-planned MTB MLE Language Education programs enable students to progress in ‘small steps’ in language learning. The goal is that students will understand, speak, read and write their own and other school languages well so they can learn other subjects successfully.

SIL provides resource materials and technical support to language communities and their government and non-government partners in developing the language education component for each year of their MTB MLE programs.  

Resources for Language Education