Promoting Literacy in Multilingual Settings

Promoting Literacy in Multilingual Settings. 
Bangkok: UNESCO Bangkok, 2007, 62 p. 
by Kimmo Kosonen, Catherine Young and Susan Malone
ISBN 92-9223-100-6

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This publication gives an overview of literacy issues in the multilingual contexts of Asia, presents case studies from a number of Asian countries, and provides some guidelines for practitioners in conducting literacy and MLE programmes that accommodate minority languages.


  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: Linguistic Diversity, Literacy and Education
  • Chapter 2: Education in Ethnic Minority Communities: Question to Consider and Problem to Solve
  • Chapter 3: Multilingual Education Practice in Eight Asian Countries
  • Chapter 4: Developing Low Cost and Effective Materials for Multilingual Education Programmes
  • Chapter 5: Training Effective Community Teachers for Multilingual Education Programmes
  • Chapter 6: Teaching Methods for Effective Multilingual Education Programmes
  • References