Asia Research Institute of Language and Culture

Handong Global University
Pohang, Kyungbuk, South Korea

ARILAC provides a strategic training program for language related work including Language and Culture Research, Literacy and Translation. Language work with a people group is intended to help them promote and develop their society. This program aims to train specialists in Linguistics and Translation. Subjects include Second Language and Culture Acquisition, Cultural Anthropology, Literacy Principles, Language and Program Planning, Linguistics (Phonetics, Phonology, Grammar, Semantics, Discourse), Computer Data Management and Field Methods, Translation and Exegesis, Biblical Languages, Greek and Hebrew Discourse.


The primary language of instruction for this program is English.

Courses in this program can be taken apart from the degree.

This program prepares students to begin functioning in the following roles in language work:

Degrees offered

  • Certificate in Applied Linguistics
  • Master of Arts in Applied Linguistics and Translation
Groups audience: