La Filière Traduction à FATEAC

Faculté de Théologie Evangélique de l'Alliance Chrétienne

Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire

The "Licence en théologie - option traduction" is a 3-year program, equivalent to a BA in translation, focused on preparing students to work as a Bible Translator.

The "Master en traduction" (MA in translation) is a 2-year program, though it may take 3 years for students who enter the program with no former theological studies. This program prepares students to work as a Bible Translator & Exegete. Some will go on to become translation team leaders and future consultants. 


The primary language of instruction for this program is French.

Courses in this program are normally offered as part of the degree.

This program prepares students to begin functioning in the following role(s) in language work:

Degrees offered

  • Licence en théologie - option traduction
  • Master en Traduction Biblique
Groups audience: