Graduate Institute of Applied Linguistics

Dallas, Texas, United States

GIAL is an accredited institution that offers basic (upper level undergraduate) and advanced (graduate) linguistic training. Courses are offered which satisfy SIL’s training requirements for a majority of language program roles. The Certificate in Applied Linguistics can be completed in one term plus one 8-week session. GIAL has cooperative programs with other schools in order to assist students in getting the preparation they need more quickly. Significant financial aid (sometimes up to 50%) is available for members of Bible Translation organizations.


The primary language of instruction for this program is English.

Courses in this program can be taken apart from the degree.

This program prepares students to begin functioning in the following role(s) in language work:

Programs Offered

  • Bachelor of Arts in International Service
  • Certificate in Applied Linguistics
  • Certificate in TESOL
  • Graduate Certificate in Islamic Studies
  • Graduate Certificate in Multicultural Teamwork
  • Master of Arts in Abrahamic Studies
  • Master of Arts in Applied Linguistics
  • Master of Arts in Language & Culture Studies
  • Master of Arts in World Arts
Groups audience: