Applied Linguistics Program at Moody

Moody Bible Institute

Chicago, Illinois, United States

Applied Linguistics is one of several undergraduate majors offered through the Department of World Missions. Introductory courses are offered in phonetics, morphosyntax, phonological analysis, and second language acquisition/field methods, with additional courses in anthropology and missiology. Students in the major also take a variety of other courses such as Bible, systematic theology, Biblical languages, and related areas, and thus are well-prepared to begin work in language development and Bible translation.


The primary language of instruction for this program is English. Courses in this program can be taken apart from the degree, although this is only allowed in special circumstances.

None of the linguistics courses are offered during the summer.

This program offers foundational courses that prepare the student to serve in a number of potential language development roles with SIL, including translation, literacy, linguistics, scripture engagement, language assessment, and arts & ethnomusicology. The additional required courses for working in these roles is available at other training programs

Degrees offered

  • Bachelor of Arts in Applied Linguistics
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