Quechua Riddles and Reading

The Quechua of South America have long been known for their ability to make up riddles. Recognizing the importance of this cultural tradition, literacy workers encouraged children of the Huallaga Quechua of Peru to collect riddles. As a result, seventy riddles were printed in the Quechua language in a booklet.  A nine-year-old boy from the community of Huallmish was recognized for contributing the most riddles. His picture appears on the cover of the book, and he is the proud owner of a bicycle which he received as a prize. The booklet is very popular reading among the children who are thrilled to see their riddles appear in print. Young people and adults are also learning to appreciate their language and culture.

Quechua_girlsAt a recent one year anniversary celebration of the publication of the Huallaga Quechua Bible, the girl who shared the best riddle received a prize of reading materials and a cooking pot. Other awards were presented to the best readers. The event was planned and carried out by the Huallaga Quechua community, with help from several faith-based organizations which provided prizes and food for the 1,500 attendees. 

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