Current issues in Philippine linguistics and anthropology parangal kay Lawrence A. Reid

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Statement of Responsibility:
Hsiu-chuan Liao and Carl R. Galvez Rubino, editors
Linguistic Society of the Philippines and SIL Philippines
Publisher Place:
Manila, Philippines
xxxii, 435 pages
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Table of Contents:
Introduction vii List of Lawrence A. Reid’s publications ix List of Contributors xvii Robin Hemley Laurie Reid’s Importance to the Tasaday Controversy xxi Part One: Overview Philippine Linguistics from an SIL Perspective: Trends and Prospects by J. Stephen Quakenbush - 3; Part Two: Social, Cultural, and Historical Aspects of Philippine Languages The Linguistic Macrohistory of the Philippines: Some Speculations by Robert A. Blust - 31; The Philippine Languages and the Determination of PAN Syllable Structure by John U. Wolff - 69; The Meso-Cordilleran Group of Philippine Languages by Ronald S. Himes - 81; Contemporary Filipino (Tagalog) and Kapampangan: Two Philippine Languages in Contact by Bro. Andrew Gonzalez, FSC - 93; Whisper of the Palms: Etic and Emic Perspectives in Comparative Linguistics by Jun Akamine - 115; Aklanon tag- and Extra-systemic Linguistic Phenomena by David Zorc - 124; The Filipino Bilingual from a Sociolinguistic Perspective by Emy M. Pascasio - 136; Part Three: The Lexicon The Angry Register of the Bikol Language of the Philippines by Jason Lobel - 149; Terms of Religious Adaptation: The Introduction of Christianity to the Bikol Region of the Philippines by Malcolm Mintz - 167; Bridging Cultures with a Bilingual Dictionary by Leonard E. Newell - 211.
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