A footnote to Lehmann's OV /VO typology

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Languages of Papua New Guinea and Africa chain clauses together into discourse units following grammatical and word order conventions proper to each type of language, and chained clauses often differ in form depending on whether they are initial, medial, and final within a chaining sequence. The order of clause types differs in different languages, and this order is not randomly independent of clause-internal order. Participles in older Greek absolute constructions beside clauses with finite verb forms also build larger structures comparable to sequences of chained clauses in African and Papua New Guinean languages.
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Carol F. Justus and Edgar C. Polomé, eds., , Language change and typological variation: in honor of Winfred P. Lehmann on the occasion of his 83rd birthday, Volume II: Grammatical universals and typology. , Journal of Indo-European Studies Monograph Numb
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