A Brief Overview of the Tone Systems of the Zhuang and Dai Languages of Maguan County, Yunnan, China

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傣壮民族文化传承与发展学术研讨会 (Dai and Zhuang Folk Cultural Transmission and Development Academic Research Conference), Maguan, Yunnan, China, Yunnan Province Dai Studies Association, Yunnan Province Zhuang Studies Association, Nov 20
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This paper provides a brief introduction to tone systems of two Zhuang languages and a Dai language of Maguan County, located in the Wenshan Zhuang and Miao Autonomous Prefecture of southeastern Yunnan Province, China. Around 55,000 of Yunnan's 1.1 million Zhuang nationality and 6,600 of Yunnan's 1.1 million Dai nationality people live in Maguan County which is located near the national border with Vietnam. Most of the Zhuang speak one of two languages, Nong Zhuang (also known as Yan-Guang Southern Zhuang) and Dai Zhuang (also known as Wen-Mao Southern Zhuang). Though these two languages are related linguistically, both belonging to the Central Taic group of the Tai-Kadai (or Kam-Thai or Zhuang-Dong) family, they are quite different from phonologically and speakers of one cannot understand speakers of the other without extended exposure. The Dai nationality people speak either Nong Zhuang or a Southwestern Taic language we will here refer to as "Tai Dam." The present paper describes and compares tone systems of these three languages based on first-hand research carried out in two Maguan County Zhuang villages under the auspices of the Wenshan Prefecture Zhuang Studies Association, and based on published Tai Dam data.
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1 Introduction 2 1.1 The Nong Zhuang and Dai Zhuang Languages of Maguan County 2 1.2 The Tai Dam Language of Maguan County 4 1.3 The Lachi Language of Maguan County 4 1.4 Other Related Taic Languages 5 2 Previous Research into the Taic Languages of Maguan County 5 2.1 Data Sources 6 3 Comparison of Maguan County's Taic Tone Systems 6 3.1 Brief Introduction to Taic Tone History and Nomenclature 6 3.2 Tone Systems Analysis 8 3.2.1 Proto-Tai Tone A 8 3.2.2 Proto-Tai Tone B 11 3.2.3 Proto-Tai Tone C 12 3.2.4 Proto-Tai Tone DS 13 3.2.5 Proto-Tai Tone DL 14 3.3 Summary of the Tone Systems 15 3.4 Classification of Maguan County's Taic Tone Systems 17 4 Conclusion 21 5 Bibliography 23
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Tu Zhuang
Southwestern Taic
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