Towards a methodology of transfer reading from the language of wider communication to the first language

Ph.D, Leeds Metropolitan University
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This thesis seeks to understand why transfer reading from the language of wider communication to the first language of a person causes problems in certain linguistic and socio-cultural environments. It particularly focuses on the linguistic and socio-cultural environment of the Sabaot people in Western Kenya. The research used a qualitative mode of inquiry to explore what could be factors that contribute to transfer reading from the language of wider communication to the first language. Factors that influence transfer reading are context related, such as the linguistic context, physical context, socio-cultural context, and the economic context. At the same time the different aspects of reading and learning influence transfer reading, such as: transfer reading skills and strategies, orthographic items, reading fluency, and a theory of learning. Within these factors different aspects play a role in transfer reading. It seems to depend on the context which aspects play a more prominent role and have to be given a more attention in the development of a transfer reading methodology. This thesis shows how studying the linguistic context, the literacy context, the socio-linguistic context, and the physical and economical context led to a set of principles that guided the development of the transfer reading methodology suitable for the Sabaot people. At the same time it proposes a contextual framework for developing guidelines for a transfer reading methodology for other, each unique reading transfer context. This study shows that language of wider communication to first language transfer reading is different to first language to second language transfer reading. It shows that this is an area that needs its own attention, and cannot just be assumed.
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Abstract -- Candidate‟s Declaration -- Acknowledgements -- List of Figures -- List of Photos -- Abbreviations -- Brief explanation of key words in this research -- Presentations and Publications -- 1 Introduction -- 1.1 The perspective of the researcher -- 1.2 A brief history of the Sabaot people of Kenya -- 1.3 The Sabaot language -- 1.4 Reading in the L1 -- 1.5 The purpose of the research -- 1.6 The contribution of this research -- 1.7 The organisation of this thesis -- 2 Literature review -- 2.1 Introduction -- 2.2 Transfer reading from LWC to L1 -- 2.3 Transfer reading from L1 to LWC -- 2.4 First language reading -- 7 2.5 Reading fluency -- 2.6 Reading and tone orthography -- 2.7 Attitude and L1 literacy -- 2.8 Development of transfer reading methodology -- 2.9 Provisional guidelines and more questions -- 3 Research methodology -- 3.1 Introduction -- 3.2 Aim of the research -- 3.3 Issues raised by the literature review -- 3.4 Research questions -- 3.5 Methodology -- 3.6 The researcher‟s role -- 3.7 Ethical considerations -- 3.8 Credibility and validity -- 3.9 Research method for research question one -- 3.10 Instruments for research question one -- 3.11 Research method for research question two -- 3.12 Instruments for research question two -- 4 Reading in two languages -- 4.1 Reading ability in two languages -- 4.2 Reading long words -- 4.3 Reading with and without tone marks -- 8 4.4 Summary and conclusions -- 4.5 Guidelines for the Sabaot transfer reading methodology -- 5 The transfer reading methodology -- 5.1 Introduction -- 5.2 Principled framework for developing TRM -- 5.3 Development of the TRM -- 5.4 The Transfer Reading Methodology -- 5.5 Piloting the TRM -- 5.6 Observation classes -- 5.7 Evaluation -- 5.8 Conclusion -- 6 Towards a framework of LWC to L1 transfer reading -- 6.1 Summary of research -- 6.2 Towards a LWC to L1 TRM framework for Sabaot -- 6.3 Towards a principled LWC to L1 reading framework -- 6.4 Significance of this research -- 6.5 Future research -- 6.6 Reflections -- References -- Appendix A Participant information sheet -- Appendix B Consent Form -- Appendix C Reading texts in English -- 9 Appendix D Reading test in Sabaot -- Appendix E Interview questions -- Appendix F Wordlist Sabaot words -- Appendix G Reading texts tone marks -- Appendix H Overview of transfer reading methodology -- Appendix I Reflection questions learners -- Appendix J Sample lesson from pilot TRM
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