LiFE-Style Translating: A Workbook for Bible Translators

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Wendland, Ernst R.
Second Edition
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SIL International
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Dallas, Texas, United States
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SIL International Publications in Translation and Textlinguistics 2
xv, 462 pages
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Lesson 1: Communicating within Diverse Sociolinguistic Frames
1.1 What is communication?
1.2 What is sociolinguistics?
1.3 What is semiotics?
1.4 Communication participants and their characteristics
1.5 Sociolinguistic variables that influence communication
1.6 Different situational frames of communication

Lesson 2: Does Scripture Include Literature?
2.1 What is literature?
2.2 What is orature and how does it differ from literature?
2.3 Kinds of literary forms in the Bible
2.4 What are some of the primary functions of biblical literature?

Lesson 3: Translating for LiFE: A Literary Functional-Equivalence Version
3.1 A relevant functional-equivalence approach to Bible translating
3.2 Defining translation more precisely
3.3 Defining a literary functional-equivalence translation
3.4 LiFE translation in relation to other approaches
3.5 Preparing for a poetic LiFE translation
3.6 A ten-step exegetical methodology
3.7 A case study
3.8 From analysis to synthesis in translation

Lesson 4: Text Types and Genres: Prose and Poetry in the Bible
4.1 The importance of the concept of genre to Bible translators
4.2 Four primary text types
4.3 Some additional features of discourse types
4.4 What is the difference between prose and poetry?
>4.5 Investigating the prose and poetry an do the target language

Lesson 5: Analyzing the Translating Biblical Poetry
5.1 The major stylistic forms of biblical poetry
5.2 The major functions of biblical poetry
5.3 Genres of poetry found in the Scriptures
5.4 Practicing a methodology for literary-poetic text analysis

Lesson 6: Analyzing and Translating Biblical Prose
6.1 Reviewing the four major discourse types
6.2 Identifying and analyzing Old Testament prose genres
6.3 Identifying and analyzing New Testament prose genres

Lesson 7: Contextualizing and Testing a LiFE Translation
7.1 Contextualizing a LiFE translation
7.2 Testing a LiFE translation

Lesson 8: A Summary and Review of LiFE Principles


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