Bible Translation Basics: Communicating Scripture in a Relevant Way

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Hill, Harriet, Ernst-August Gutt, Christoph Unger, Rick Floyd, and Margaret Hill
SIL International
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Dallas, Texas, United States
xii, 291 pages
This book is intended to be used in courses or workshops for people involved in communicating Scripture across languages and cultures. The primary audience is Bible translators, but those who review translations and those who develop other Scripture products such as Bible stories or Bible study guides will also find it helpful. The course gives participants an introduction to how communication works from an inference-based perspective and helps them apply these insights to their task of communicating Scripture.
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Lesson 1: Why Translate the Bible?
Lesson 2: How We Understand Meaning
Lesson 3: How We Know When We Have Understood
Lesson 4: Processing Effort, Benefits, and Relevance
Lesson 5: How We Select Context
Lesson 6: Communicating with Concepts
Lesson 7: Filling Out What Is Said
Lesson 8: Leaving Parts of Sentences Implicit
Lesson 9: Drawing the Intended Implications
Lesson 10: Stronger and Weaker Guidance to Implications
Lesson 11: Describing or Retelling
Lesson 12: Genre and Translation
Lesson 13: Appropriate Scripture Products
Lesson 14: Understanding a Biblical Passage
Lesson 15: Identifying Mismatches in Secondary Communication
Lesson 16: Cultural Research
Lesson 17: Expressing Concepts in Another Language
Lesson 18: Adjusting Contextual Mismatches
Lesson 19: Translating Metaphors and More
Lesson 20: How We Connect Thoughts
Lesson 21: Crafting Bible Stories
Lesson 22: Different Contributions to Relevance in a Text
Lesson 23: Communicating Additional Layers of Meaning
Lesson 24: Special Issues: Names, Weights, Measures, and Money
Lesson 25: From Draft to Publication
Lesson 26: Translation Programs

Appendix 1. Glossary
Appendix 2. How to Make a Back-Translation
Appendix 3. Generating a First Draft: A Summary
Appendix 4. Topical Indexes

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