Activities for early grades of Mother Tongue (L1)-Based Multilingual Education Programs

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A collection of classroom activities for early grade teachers in Mother-Tongue Based Multilingual Education classrooms. The bulk of the activities focus on Language Education in L1 and L2. Also included are activities for the following other subject areas: Art, Environment, Family and Community, Government, Health and Safety, Heritage Culture, Mathematics, and Science.
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Build Oral L1—focus on meaning (whole texts) 3 Listen and respond 3 Create oral texts 7 Create and/or learn poems, songs, skits 10 Listening and talking games 11 Build fluency in oral L1 14 Build Oral L1—focus on using language correctly (parts of language) 15 Introduce pre-reading and pre-writing in L1 16 Pre-reading—focus on meaning 16 Pre-reading—focus on accuracy 17 Pre-writing—focus on meaning 23 Pre-writing—focus on accuracy 24 Introduce reading and writing in L1 26 Reading in L1: Focus on meaning (whole texts) 26 Reading in L1: Focus on accuracy (parts of texts) 28 Writing in L1: Focus on meaning (whole texts) 31 Writing in L1: Focus on accuracy (parts of texts) 32 Build L1 writing fluency: Focus on meaning and accuracy 33 Introduce Oral L2 38 Begin oral L2 38 Build fluency in Oral L2 39 Introduce L2 literacy 47 Bridge to reading in L2 47 Bridge to writing in L2 51 Art 54 Environment 55 Family and Community 59 Government 66 Health and safety 67 Heritage Culture 72 Mathematics 76 Addition and subtraction 76 Area 78 Assess and sort 78 Count 82 Directions 83 Measure 85 Patterns 89 Read and write numbers 90 Shapes 93 Sequence events / time 95 Traditional use of numbers 96 Science 98
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