Am Yaki Naŋmiɛ Na Ya Sunsun Fa Kɔ Nyɛmɛ Dɔ.

60 minutes
A tape of gospel songs in Anufɔ, along with speaking and scripture reading from the book of Mark. Ahin kasɛti Fite Nyɛmɛ Jɔrɛ Kadasi Kaakiiwa Fɔtufɔm Bo Bu Wo Chereponi Ni Nzara. The recording was done by Bill and Coby Groot in Ghana, and the songs were checked by Tom and Mary Holman.
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Draft (posted 'as is' without peer review)
Table of Contents:
Side A 1, Am Yaki Naŋmiɛ Na Ya Sunsun 2, Yesu Su Ba 3, Ń Si Waa 4, Yesu Ti Ndɔ 5, "Jesus Heals" 6, Nyɛmɛ Ma Ya 7, Am Yaki Naŋmiɛ Na Ya Sunsun Side B 1, Yesu Nazaretifɔ 2, Dekebe De Nyɛmɛ De, A Fa Ma Nyɛmɛ 3, "Song About Jesus" 4, Yesu A Teŋge 5, "Anufɔ Christian Music" 6, Am Yaki Naŋmiɛ Na Ya Sunsun
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