A Voice from the Forest: Essays on the culture and world view of the Manobo of the Agusan river valley and the Diwata mountain range

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Manila, Philippines
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A collection of essays on Agusan Manobo life and practice by Teofila Gomez Bada, translated into English in a free style for easy reading.
A collection of essays on Agusan Manobo life and practice by Teofila Gomez Bada written between 1979-1999, translated into English in a free style for easy reading. Includes footnotes. The final essay also has an interlinear translation for the benefit of those who would like a clearer idea of Manobo linguistic structure.
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Map v / Introduction vi / Pronunciation and Spelling Guide vii / I. Biographical 1 / To Kinabuhi ni Bungkasanon The Life of Bungkasanon 2 / To Kayainan to Iskuyla Notoduon dow Kuntoon The Difference between Students Long Ago and Now 4 / Pagbayot Using a Tobacco Wad 6 / To Pagiskuyla dow Kaminyoon Ku My Schooling and Marriage 8 / To Kadodoyog Ku to diya Panahon to Gera My Experiences at the Time of the War 18 / To Pagkabayu Ku When I Became a Widow 21 / II. Cultural: Family 25 / To Pangasawa no Ogkahobyas Aborted Marriage Arrangements 26 / Igsambag to mgo Minyoonon Advice for a Couple to be Married 30 / To Mey Katongod to Pagtagon to Kuwarta duon to Pamilya The One in the Family with Authority to Hold the Money 32 / To Pagpangidam Early Pregnancy 34 / To Ogpalikajan to Magkabodos What Pregnant Women Must Avoid 36 / To Pag-anak Childbirth 37 / Tagaemu Potion/Amulet to Ease Childbirth 39 / Pag-atiman aw Pagmansu to mgo Bata no Manubu The Nurture and Discipline of Manobo Children 40 / Pagduwoy Taking Another Wife 43 / Mgo Sambag to Ginikanan Parental Advice 45 / To Pagbibiya to Magtiajun The Separation of a Married Couple 46 / III. Hunting and Trapping 49 / To Pagpanganup 1 / Hunting with Dogs 1 50 / To Pagpanganup 2 Hunting with Dogs 2 52 / To Pagyagotom to Ogkakoon no Taga-Wohig: Isturya to Taga-Kasilajan Trapping Edible Freshwater Creatures: The Story of Someone from the Kasilajan River 54 / To Pagyagotom to Buaja Catching Crocodiles 57 / To Pagyagotom to Kasili Catching Eels 59 / IV. Nature and Environment 61 / To Hayas no Ogpakayogot Poisonous Snakes 62 / To Bakosan Python 66 / V. Customs and Practices 68 / Minangajow no Gera Revenge War 69 / To Kaugpa to mgo Manubu Notoduon dow Kuntoon The Life of Manobos Before and Now 70 / To Batasan to Manubu The Customs of the Manobos 75 / To Kinaraan dow to Binagu no Batasan to mgo Manubu The Old and New Customs of the Manobo People 79 / To Pagpanguma Nokani dow Kuntoon Farming Long Ago and Now 80 / To Pagmama Chewing Betel 83 / Amonuhon to Paghinang to Hikam How to Make a Mat 85 / VI. World view: The Spirit World 87 / To Tumanon to Diwatahan The Things That a Shaman Has to Observe 88 / To mgo Tawagonon dow to Trabahu Dan Diwata Spirits and Their Work 91 / To Pagbuya dow to Gahom to Diwatahan The Healing Ceremony and Power of a Spirit Medium 95 / To Duma no Pagbuya to mgo Masakiton Other Ways of Healing the Sick 98 / To Kinabuhi Tapus to Kamatajon Life After Death 101 / Anit: Ogkatatoyu no Bahin The Anit Taboo: Three Parts 103 / VII. World view: Beliefs 105 / Mgo Paagi to Paghimatoy to Otow no Kona Ogpalian Ways of Killing a Person Without Wounding Him 106 / Mgo Batasan to Paglipodong Customs about Sleeping 109 / Pagbahuy to Linti Stopping Lightning 112 / Mgo Taginop dow to Kahuyugan Dreams and Their Meanings 113 / Tigom Riddles 116 / VIII. Herbal Remedies 117 / Kajam Newborn Jaundice 118 / Tambae to Oggutuson: Bata ko Manigaon Medicine for Bloating: Child or Adult 120 / Talimoghat Medicine for Relapse of a Newly Delivered Mother 121 / Ogpanghopong no Yawa Edema [Swelling of the Body] 122 / Gisuka’g Indos Vomiting and Diarrhea 123 / Ugihap Shingles 124 / Tambae to Madoson no Ubu Medicine for a Hard Cough 125 / Tungag Dental Cavity 126 / Pabahaon: Tambae to Bata no Ogsipounon Causing to Sneeze: Medicine for a Child with a Cold 127 / Tambae to Pali no Ogyangósa Medicine for a Bleeding Wound 128 / IX. Traditional Narratives 129 / Si Juan dow si Maria Juan and Maria 130 / To Yana no Ogpakabanhaw The Oil that Could Raise the Dead to Life 134 / To Suhue to Pagkamatarong The Wages of Righteousness 140 / To Sinugdanan to Humoy The Beginning of Rice 143 / Tahaw The Tahaw Bird 144 / Handaen-og The Handaen-og Insect 146 / To Babuy dow to Liyun The Pig and the Lion 148 / Appendix: Interlinear Text 150 / Si Subana aw to Buhi din no Buaja si Subanu Subana and her Pet Crocodile Subanu 151 /
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