Reading and Writing Kənswey Nsey!

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Reading and Writing in Bamessing
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Yaounde, Cameroon
65 pages
The Kənswey Nsey Reading and Writing book has been prepared for speakers of the Bamessing Language of Ndop Central Subdivision, Ngoketunjia Division, North West Region. The purpose of this book is to teach people, who already know how to read and write English, to read and write Kənswey Nsey. This book is divided into 13 separate but interlinked lessons. The book is designed for individual study but it may also be used in class or for group study.
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Table of Contents:
Introduction 4 The alphabet chart 5 Lesson One – Familiar Consonants 6 Lesson Two – Familiar vowels 8 Lesson Three – The letters ch and gh 10 Lesson Four – Vowels æ, ɛ and ə 12 Lesson Five - Vowels i, ɨ and e 16 Lesson Six – Vowels ɔ, o and u 20 Lesson Seven – The consonant ny 24 Lesson Eight – The letter ʼ ( glottal ) 26 Lesson Nine – The letter ŋ 29 Lesson Ten – The use of w after a consonant 32 Lesson Eleven - Long vowels 34 Lesson twelve – Pre-nasalisation 39 Lesson Thirtheen – Double vowels 41 Stories 45 Answer Section 54 Translations 61
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