Workpapers Concerning Waorani Discourse Features

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Pike, Evelyn G. and Rachel Saint, editors
Summer Institute of Linguistics
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Language Data, Amerindian Series 10
xx, 168 pages
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Abbreviations and Symbols

Part I: Some Grammatical Structures of Discourse

  • Michael Miller: What Can Mark the Peak of a Story?
  • Deborah Ross: Chronological and Logical Discourse Chains
  • Carol Hepner: Hypothesis on Helping to Identify Waorani Discourse Types
  • Mary E. Holman: The Function of ayæ 'then' in Waorani
  • Mark Hepner: Thematic Unity as Evidence for the Presence of Paragraphs

Part II: Some Grammatical Structures from Discourse to Morpheme Classes

  • Evelyn G. Pike: Trees for Constituent Analysis, from Discourse to Morpheme
  • Patricia Wilkendorf: Waorani Clauses
  • Thomas W. Holman: Waorani Verb Affixes

Part III: Some Referential Structures of Discourse

  • Patricia Wilkendorf: Notes on Referential Elements in Three Texts
  • Leoma Gilley: How to Know What to Remember - Affixal Clues
  • Lynn Zander: Keeping Track of Participants Where They Are Not Named
  • Timothy Wilt: Prominence of Waves of Space and Time

Part IV: The Texts

  • The Origina of the Rainbow by Dayuma
  • The Jaguar and the Turtle by Giketa
  • The Origin of the Corn Bees by Dayuma
  • The Origin of Cassava by Dayuma
  • The Spider Monkey's Tail by Giketa
  • The Spider Monkey's Thumbs by Giketa
  • The Tapir by Giketa
  • The Alligator and the Bird by Giketa
  • Bluebird's Report by Wiña
  • Waorani Earholes by Akawo
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Discourse analysis
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