Amdo Tibetan Media Intelligibility

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Green, R. Jeffrey
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SIL International
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Dallas, Texas
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SIL Electronic Survey Reports 2012-019
50 pages

Amdo Tibetan (ISO 639-3 code adx) is one of the three major Tibetan dialect groups in China. It is spoken in all Tibetan areas of Qīnghǎi province except for Yùshù Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, and it is spoken in neighbouring areas of Gānsū province (i.e. the western half of Gānnán Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, and Tiānzhù Tibetan Autonomous County) and northern Sìchuān (parts of Ābà Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture and parts of Gānzī Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture). In and surrounding this region, Amdo Tibetan also serves as a language of wider communication. Radio broadcasts, movies, television programs, and audio recordings in Amdo Tibetan use a range of registers, the entire set of which will be referred to as Media Amdo Tibetan. The goal of this investigation is to determine for which segments (if any) of the Amdo population is oral Media Amdo Tibetan an appropriate reference dialect for meeting non-print language development needs. Specifically, I investigate the question of which segments of the population are not served by development in Literary Tibetan and demonstrate adequate comprehension and positive attitudes towards Media Amdo Tibetan. Furthermore, this investigation addresses whether any particular register of Media Amdo Tibetan is better suited than the others for these purposes.[In the interest of making this work available without further delay, we are posting it as it was written. It has not been subjected to further review.]

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