The alphabet account

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Summer Institute of Linguistics
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Waxhaw, North Carolina
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Major derivational lines of writing systems -- Comeback of a culture -- King Darius's dilemma -- Message on a cliff -- In search of language -- Tower of confusion -- The tower and the patriarch -- From clay to papyrus -- Here comes the alphabet -- Complications of cuneiform -- Deciphering the cliff puzzle -- George Smith and Gilgamesh -- Hammurabi: soldier and lawgiver -- Tablets and the patriarchs -- The archives of Ebla -- Unto Shem also...were children born -- Ptolemy and the scholars -- The Egyptian from France -- Rebellion on the plains of Moab -- From myth to reality -- Alphabet in bloom -- The Greek grammarians -- The Romans' noblest work -- The vivid Visigoth -- Manifolding the Bible -- The bilingual brothers -- The Armenian edition -- Aramaic scripts for Asia -- Aramaic in the Roman world -- Dead city, living alphabet -- Hebrew history from Egypt -- Literary Hebrew -- The signals of Lachish -- Translation from Targums -- Records of the Sons of Light -- Hebrew lives again -- New directions for Aramaic -- The extravagant work of fanatics -- Characters and the Chinese Bible -- Korean translations -- Cree writing points the way -- "It seems to be a good book" -- Instruction by comic strip -- To number our days -- Ancient music lives again -- Notes on David's harp -- Domino alphabet -- Of braille and Navajo -- A hobby leads to literacy -- One translation, many partners -- A frame for tones -- Four tones and an alphabet -- Whistled conversation -- Books and genealogies -- Four K's of Cakchiquel -- Language with eleven tone patterns -- A break with tradition -- Igede writer -- Learning to read Huichol -- Return to an alphabet -- No longer a parrot -- A pencil opens a door -- Dipping water with a fork -- From killers to memorizers -- Tariri and the witch doctor -- Guahibo newspaper -- Ticuna bookworms -- Acknowledgements -- References -- Scripture references
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