One ship sails East

Summer Institute of Linguistics
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Waxhaw, North Carolina
195 pages
Stories by Cameron Townsend and others
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Acknowledgements -- Table of Contents -- Preface -- I. Chart and compass -- Coffee for the truck driver -- The first glue -- This blunt thing -- Sixteen ways to help stay in business -- The SIL program and flexibility -- The basic distinctive of SIL -- Why would the government want us to stay? -- Who reports to whom? -- They never give a report -- Every tub shall stand on its own bottom -- To write or not to write -- Why not go to the ministry first? -- Permission is not enough -- The awful airplane and the bane of branches -- We would appreciate your guidance -- The senior partners -- Give them a piece of the action -- The patronato pattern -- II. Love in shoe leather -- I put myself in his shoes -- A government relations flight to the jungle -- A different planet -- The fantastic " good" theory -- I have 'her' on board -- On pollution and purity -- We can help win friends for your country -- The SECAG is coming -- Love in shoe leather -- Ourselves, your servants -- O king, live forever -- That was good lettuce -- Why attend government social functions -- One branch's dinner pattern -- Come to the picnic -- III. The high cost of short circuits -- We did not go public -- Loaded words -- Shall we blast our hosts? -- He rose to the bait -- Why did those aliens fail to register? -- The penny-wise and pound-foolish -- The high cost of short circuits -- Index
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William Cameron Townsend
Government relations
Building friendships
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