Leadership Training and Development for Cross-Cultural Engagements in the Bible Translation Task: A Narrative Strategy

Thesis submitted to the faculty of Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary in partial fulfillment of requirements for the degree Doctor of Ministry
vi, 126 pages
With four billion oral communicators in the world and a rise predicted over the next decade, the global church is facing the challenge of providing oral based leadership training so that oral communicators can reach their own communities. Oral communicators can be partners in the Bible Translation task, also, and receive leadership training that prepares them to work cross-culturally. The purpose of this study was to develop the use of a narrative-based training strategy for building effective cross-cultural teams comprised of oral and literate partners in leadership training and development in the BT task. Data were collected on culture and leadership, orality and oral communicators, and narrative learning using stories to teach. Interviews were conducted with members of SIL+WGA in cross-cultural leadership, and their critical incidents were documented. Stories were developed based on the critical incidents, with data from the GLOBE study. An effective narrative-based strategy will be holistic and transformational; it will include conversations that build community by focusing on the unity shared in Christ and the spiritual dimension and nature of the reason for working together; it will use stories of cross-cultural encounters, and engage the participants in a meaningful discussion of the story’s spiritual and cultural relevance, and in sharing their own experiences.
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leadership training
GLOBE study
cultural dimensions
critical incidents
adult learning
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