The development of Kabiye and its status as one of the "national" languages of Togo.

Cambridge: Cambridge Scholars Publishing.
27 pages
from Introduction: "This chapter aims to demonstrate that the development of the written form of Kabiye since its earliest days can only be understood in the Togolese political context. It proceeds chronologically, tracing the path of the development of Kabiye from the early pioneers up to the present time. At a given point in this process, it will be necessary to trace parallel lines because, as we shall see, two quite dissimilar government policies have been adopted, one for formal education and the other for non-formal education. Arriving at the present day, I will assess the different factors that I believe hamper the development of Kabiye, and also those which encourage it. It is in the context of this discussion that I will voice certain reservations concerning the status of Kabiye as one of Togo's “national” languages, arguing that this status should be awarded to all Togolese languages, which number about forty ..."
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Politics and language development
National languages
Language development
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Ochieng Orwenjo and Obiero Ogone, eds., Language and Politics In Africa: Contemporary Issues and Critical Perspectives. ,Cambridge, UK: ,Cambridge Scholars Publishing., p. 468-494.
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