Zhuang cultural and linguistic heritage

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Yunnan Sheng Wenshan Zhuangzu Miaozu Zizhi Zhou Zhuangzu Wenhua Yichan Ji Zhuangyu Yanjiu
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Johnson, Eric (江子扬) and Wang Mingfu (王明富)
SIL International and The Nationalities Publishing House of Yunnan (云南民族出版社)
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Kunming, Yunnan, China (中国云南昆明)
227 pages
Using the UNESCO categories for tangible, intangible and natural cultural heritage, this book archives aspects of traditional Yunnan Zhuang culture and language via text and photographs at a lay level. This book was designed to give visitors and officials a broad overview of the richness of Yunnan Zhuang cultural and linguistic heritage, with sections on architecture, dance, music, religion, agriculture, environment, language, etc.
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I. The Population and Distribution of the Zhuang 5 A. Population and Distribution of the Zhuang in China 5 B. The Population and Distribution of the Zhuang in Yunnan Province 7 II. The History of the Zhuang in Yunnan Province’s Wenshan Area and the Establishment of the Autonomous Prefecture 8 A. The Origins and Historical Development of Wenshan Prefecture’s Zhuang Area 8 B. The Establishment of the Wenshan Zhuang & Miao Autonomous Prefecture 9 C. Wenshan Zhuang & Miao Autonomous Prefecture’s Geographical Setting 11 D. An Introduction to the Branches of Wenshan Prefecture’s Zhuang 13 (1.) Nong Branch (Pu Nong) 13 (2.) Sha Branch (Bu Yuei) 24 (3.) Tu Branch (Bu Dai) 27 (4.) The Laji People 31 III. The Cultural Heritage of the Zhuang of Wenshan Prefecture 32 A. Tangible Cultural Heritage 33 (1.) Folk Art 33 (2.) Ancient Zhuang Towns 44 (3.) Ancient Zhuang Villages 49 (4.) Zhuang Wind & Water Bridges (Ting Dah) and Tree Bridges 65 (5.) The Zhuang Hall of Elders 69 (6.) Zhuang Traditional Residences and Ting Lang Communal Halls 71 (7.) Historical Buildings of the Cultural Center of Guangnan County 78 (8.) Artifacts of Ancient Zhuang Culture 82 (9.) Classic Texts of the Zhuang Religion Mo 99 B. Intangible Cultural Heritage 111 (1.) Folk Literature 112 (2.) Folk Music 126 (3.) Folk Dances 140 (4.) Traditional Dramatic Theatre 149 (5.) Lyrical Arts 152 (6.) Acrobatics and Tournaments 152 (7.) Folk Arts 157 (8.) Traditional Handwork Artistry 164 (9.) Traditional Medicine 180 (10.) Folk Customs 185 (11.) Agricultural Production Experience 226 IV. Natural Heritage 229 A. Spinulose Tree Ferns 231 B. The Long Tree 232 C. Puzhehei Karst Plateau Wetlands 233 V. Wenshan Zhuang Language Research 235 A. The Zhuang languages of Yunnan 235 B. Previous Research 235 C. The Taic Zhuang Languages 237 D. The Yang-Biao Zhuang Languages 237 E. Taic Languages Spoken by Non-Zhuang Nationality Peoples 238 F. The Three Main Zhuang Ethnic Groups in Wenshan and their Languages 238 G. Lexical Similarity and Differences among the Main Yunnan Zhuang Languages 240 H. The Influence between the Chinese and Zhuang Languages 243 I. Intelligibility among the Yunnan Zhuang Languages 244 J. Language Use and Vitality 246 K. Orthography 248 L. Future Development of the Zhuang Languages in Yunnan 249 VI. Bibliography 251 A. Chinese Language References Consulted 251 B. English Language Reference Consulted 255 Postscript 257 About the Authors 258
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