SIL Language Development Tools 2009 Bible Translation Edition, DVD media

Bible Translation Edition
SIL International
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Dallas, TX, USA
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SIL FieldWorks 6.0.1 (Language Explorer 3.0 - lexical and text tools to help create dictionaries, interlinearize texts, study morphology, elicit and record lexical information; Translation Editor 3.0 - provides tools for editing and checking Scripture translations in a vernacular language; Data Notebook 2.14 - data management tool for language and cultural fieldwork; WorldPad 2.14 - simple word processor for displaying complex scripts) -- Speech Tools (Speech Analyzer 3.0.1 - acoustic analysis of speech sounds; IPA Help 2.1 - for learning to recognize, transcribe, and produce the sounds of the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA); Phonology Assistant 3.0.1 - for managing transcribed Speech Analyzer sound files and/or transcribed data without sound files. Provides extensive phonetic charting and phonological querying capability.) -- Vocabulary Manager 5.8.2 - Multimedia flash card system for vocabulary learning -- Toolbox 1.5.5 (The Field Linguist’s Toolbox)- Data management, parsing and text analysis -- Toolbox/Shoebox Utilities - Command-line utilities for Shoebox and Toolbox -- Lexique Pro 3.2.3 - Interactive lexicon viewer (with demo db) -- WeSay 0.6.2086 - helps non-linguists build a dictionary in their own language. Data exchangable with FieldWorks and Lexique Pro. -- WordSurv 6.0.2 - linguistics computer program designed to aid in the collection and analysis of word lists -- PalmSurv 1.6 - a Palm OS application designed to accelerate the collection of word lists in the field. Uses WordSurv for analysis. -- PalmSurv Converter 1.6 -- CARLA Studio - a suite of integrated tools that allow adaptation of texts from one language to another related language using rules that are based on the parsing of the original data (Regular; Unicode) -- Adapt It WX 5.1.4 - provides tools for translating text from one language to a related language. No linguistic analysis is performed (Regular; Unicode) -- Adapt It for Palm OS -- PAWS Starter Kit 0.6 - Parser and Writer for Syntax -- Solid 0.9.338 [Experimental] - tool that can be used to check, clean up, and convert standard format lexicon data -- PublishingSolutions 1.0.53 [Experimental] - converts XML data to publishable documents -- Keyman - Keyboard utility (Keyman Desktop Light 7.1 (30 day evaluation); Keyman Desktop Professional 7.1 (30 day evaluation); Keyman Developer 7.1 (30 day evaluation); KeyMan For Linux (KMFL)) -- Resources provided by SIL's Non-Roman Script Initiative (SIL Encoding Converters 3.1 [Experimental]; Fonts & Associated Keyboards (all are Unicode): Arabic – fonts only; Burmese – font only; Ethiopic – font and keyboards; Greek – fonts, keyboards; Hebrew – fonts, keyboards, mapping file; Roman fonts (Andika Basic, Charis SIL (include IPA), Doulos (include IPA), Gentium (include IPA), IPA keyboards – Linux, Windows and Mac); Mappings – Provides TECkit mapping files for converting legacy documents to Unicode; Other Unicode conversion software: Encore2Unicode – a Windows command-line utility that helps you create draft mapping description tables from Encore derived fonts; Unicode Word Macros – Two MS Word Templates containing Visual Basic Macros for several Unicode functions, such as displaying the Unicode value of a given character, entering any Unicode character, and searching for any Unicode character.)
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