SIL Language Development Tools 2009 Standard Edition DVD

SIL International
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Dallas, Texas, USA
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Contents: SIL FieldWorks 6.0.1: Language Explorer 3.0 - lexical and text tools to help create dictionaries, interlinearize texts, study morphology, elicit and record lexical information Data Notebook 2.14 - data management tool for language and cultural fieldwork WorldPad 2.14 - simple word processor for displaying complex scripts Speech Tools: Speech Analyzer 3.0.1 - acoustic analysis of speech sounds IPA Help 2.1 - for learning to recognize, transcribe, and produce the sounds of the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) Phonology Assistant 3.0.1 - for managing transcribed Speech Analyzer sound files and/or transcribed data without sound files. Provides extensive phonetic charting and phonological querying capability. Vocabulary Manager 5.8.2 - Multimedia flash card system for vocabulary learning Toolbox 1.5.5 (The Field Linguist’s Toolbox)- Data management, parsing and text analysis Toolbox/Shoebox Utilities - Command-line utilities for Shoebox and Toolbox Lexique Pro 3.2.3 - Interactive lexicon viewer (with demo db) WeSay 0.6.2086 - helps non-linguists build a dictionary in their own language. Data exchangable with FieldWorks and Lexique Pro. WordSurv 6.0.2 - linguistics computer program designed to aid in the collection and analysis of word lists PalmSurv 1.6 - a Palm OS application designed to accelerate the collection of word lists in the field. Uses WordSurv for analysis. PalmSurv Converter 1.6 CARLA Studio - a suite of integrated tools that allow adaptation of texts from one language to another related language using rules that are based on the parsing of the original data :Regular or Unicode Adapt It WX 5.1.4 - provides tools for translating text from one language to a related language. No linguistic analysis is performed. Regular Unicode Adapt It for Palm OS PAWS Starter Kit 0.6 - Parser and Writer for Syntax Solid 0.9.338 [Experimental] - tool that can be used to check, clean up, and convert standard format lexicon data PublishingSolutions 1.0.53 [Experimental] - converts XML data to publishable documents Keyman - Keyboard utility Keyman Desktop Light 7.1 (30 day evaluation) Keyman Desktop Professional 7.1 (30 day evaluation) Keyman Developer 7.1 (30 day evaluation) KeyMan For Linux (KMFL) Resources provided by SIL's Non-Roman Script Initiative SIL Encoding Converters 3.1 [Experimental] Fonts & Associated Keyboards (all are Unicode) Arabic – fonts only Burmese – font only Ethiopic – font and keyboards Greek – fonts, keyboards Hebrew – fonts, keyboards, mapping file Roman fonts: Andika Basic Charis SIL (include IPA) Doulos (include IPA) Gentium (include IPA) IPA keyboards – Linux, Windows and Mac Mappings – Provides TECkit mapping files for converting legacy documents to Unicode Other Unicode conversion software: Encore2Unicode – a Windows command-line utility that helps you create draft mapping description tables from Encore derived fonts. Unicode Word Macros – Two MS Word Templates containing Visual Basic Macros for several Unicode functions, such as displaying the Unicode value of a given character, entering any Unicode character, and searching for any Unicode character.
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