Pajonal Campa music DS-109-pres

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39:39; 47:26
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Side A: 1. Orca and Meyancho (wife and husband) duet 2. Orca- solo 3. Meyancho- solo 4. Jantoja (Orca's mother) solo 5. Jantoja 6. Orca Side B: 1. Antonio- harmonica (not indigenous) 2. Shenchani, Rojino Antonio 3. Valerio, Antonio, Rojino, (Valerio is Orca's father) 4. Antonio Playes a quechua quena. (not indigenous) Campa flute is also heard 5. Antonio on flute with quechua influence 6. Antonio- quena (quechua) 7. Antonio- flute good 8. men's duet familiar 9. Antonio- Spanish song 10. men's duet Shoshoquiri & Antonio 11. men's duet- Shoshoquiri & Antonio 12. Meyancho solo
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Pajonal Campa
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