Sociolinguistic Survey of So in Northeastern Thailand

Payap University
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Chiang Mai
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Linguistic Institute, Payap University
103 pages
The purpose of this survey was to determine the need for further language development among the So in Northeastern Thailand. The instruments include word lists and sociolinguistic questionnaires. The sociolinguistic questionnaires were analysed by comparing responses to determine dialect perceptions, language vitality, and bilingual proficiency among So speakers. The word lists were analysed using lexical comparison to determine potential groupings within So speech varieties. Key findings are that Isan seems to be generally well understood among the So. The So language appears to be high in vitality. There is broad comprehension of the Photi Phaisan dialect of So, but it does not appear to be as well understood in some So villages.
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Abstract; Acknowledgements; Executive Summary; Index of Tables; Table of Figures; Abbreviations; 1 Introduction; 1.1 Geography; 1.2 People; 1.3 Languages; 1.4 History; 1.5 Previous research; 1.6 Other background information; 2 Purpose and goals; 3 Methodology; 3.1 Site selection; 3.2 Instruments; 3.3 Fieldwork timeline; 3.4 Analysis; 4 Results; 4.1 Mastery of CT or Isan; 4.2 Attitudes toward CT or Isan; 4.3 Comprehension of the Photi Phaisan dialect; 4.4 Attitudes toward the Photi Phaisan dialect; 4.5 Language vitality; 5 Conclusions; 5.1 Mastery of CT or Isan; 5.2 Attitudes toward CT or Isan; 5.3 Comprehension of the Photi Phaisan dialect; 5.4 Attitudes toward the Photi Phaisan dialect; 5.5 Language vitality; 5.6 Summary; 6 Recommendations; 7 References; Appendix A: List of So villages; Appendix B: Word list analysis methodology; Appendix C: Domains of language use; Appendix D: Distribution of So phones based on collected word lists; Appendix E: Map; Appendix F: Word lists; Appendix G: Knowledgeable sociolinguistic questionnaire; Appendix H: Individual sociolinguistic questionnaire; Appendix I: Observations from Pha Thai and Khok Muang; Appendix J: Population
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