Uripiv stories

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Longga, Numa and Sanita Kenneth, transcribers
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30 pages
Transcribed stories told by various persons.
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Draft (posted 'as is' without peer review)
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1. House-building -- 2. The Story of Bilm̃ererer -- 3. The story of the Eel -- 4. Custom story of hermit crab and barracuda -- 5. Story of Martyrdom of Apon -- 6. Story of the woman who was the child of an octopus -- 7. The story of Siro -- 8. Traditional Land and Fish Traps -- 9. About Family -- 10. Elta Bob's Life -- 11. Second part of Elta Bob's story about John Gillan on Uripiv -- 12. Coconut Origin Story -- 13. My Brother's Funeral -- 14. The story of the Leseserrkab -- 15. Fight between the people of Neviarr and the people of Uripiv -- 16. The Reason Why the first man came to Uripiv -- 17 The Journey of the Dead -- 18 New Hebrides Defence Force, World War II -- 19. The Flying-fox and the Owl -- 20. The Two Children Left Behind -- 21. The Lebon Brothers; how the tenth brother escaped his brothers' trap and married a beautiful girl
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