The Early Days of Sociolinguistics: Memories and Reflections

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Paulston, Christina Bratt and G. Richard Tucker, editors
Summer Institute of Linguistics
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Publications in Sociolinguistics 2
xii, 362 pages
reference section pp. 325-62
Reprinted 2010 as part of series "Publications in Language Use and Education 5" ISBN: 9781556712531
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  • Introduction Christina Bratt Paulston
  • A Brief History of American Sociolinguistics Roger W. Shuy


  1. Development of Sociolinguistics in India E. Annamalai
  2. Sociolinguistics: A Personal View Basil Bernstein
  3. Reminiscences: Beginnings of Sociolinguistics William Bright
  4. The Development of Sociolinguistics Susan Ervin-Tripp
  5. History of Sociolinguistics Charles Ferguson
  6. Bloomington, Summer 1964: The Birth of American Sociolinguistics Joshua A. Fishman
  7. Memories Paul Friedrich
  8. Origins and Milestones Allen Day Grimshaw
  9. Some Comments on the Origin and Development of Sociolinguistics John Gumperz
  10. History and Development of Sociolinguistics Dell Hymes
  11. The [R]Evolution of Sociolinguistics Björn H. Jernudd
  12. Sociolinguistics: Birth of a Revolution Rolf Kjolseth
  13. Sociolinguistic Patterns William Labov
  14. Personal Views on the Beginnings of Sociolinguistics Wallace E. Lambert
  15. Early Developments in Sociolinguistics Stanley Lieberson
  16. Another Time John Macnamara
  17. Contribution to the History of Sociolinguistics: Origins and Development of the Rouen School J.B. Marcellesi
  18. On Safari with Sociolinguistics Carol Myers-Scotton
  19. Sociolinguistics: Some Other Traditions Jirí V. Neustupny
  20. A Note on Holism Kenneth L. Pike
  21. Notes on the Development of Sociolinguistics Edgar Polomé
  22. Beginnings of Sociolinguistics in the Philippines Bonifacio P. Sibayan
  23. From Sociolinguistics to the Anthropology of Language Andrée Tabouret-Keller

Journal Editors

  1. Reflections about (or Prompted by) International Journal of the Sociology of Language (IJSL) Joshua A. Fishman
  2. Language in Society Dell Hymes
  3. Language as a Social Phenomenon: A Perspective on the Emergence of Sociolinguistics Humphrey Tonkin

Early Institutional Supporters for the New Field

  1. Center for Applied Linguistics: Interview with Rudolph C. Troike Christina Bratt Paulston
  2. Center for International Education, U.S. Department of Education: The Evolution of Sociolinguistics Dick Thompson
  3. Ford Foundation: Personal Reflection Mel Fox
  4. International Centre for Research on Bilingualism: The Sociolinguistics of Language Contact William Francis Mackey
  5. Summer Institute of Linguistics: What Does SIL Have to do with Sociolinguistics? Gloria E. Kindell
  6. The Ethnologue, Language Surveys, and Sociolinguistics Barbara F. Grimes


  1. In Memoriam: Einar Haugen Christina Bratt Paulston
  2. Heinz Kloss and the Study of Language in Society William F. Mackey and Grant D. McConnell
  3. Uriel Weinreich (1926-1967): A Sociolinguistic Appreciation Joshua A. Fishman


  1. The Development of Sociolinguistics as a Field of Study: Concluding Observations G. Richard Tucker


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Myers-Scotton, Carol
Friedrich, Paul
Paulston, Christina Bratt
Paulston, Christina Bratt
Paulston, Christina Bratt and G. Richard Tucker, editors
Mackey, William F. and Grant D. McConnell
Pike, Kenneth L
Grimshaw, Allen Day
Labov, William
Hymes, Dell
Macnamara, John
Fishman, Joshua A
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