Biblical Hebrew and Discourse Linguistics

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Bergen, Robert D., editor
Summer Institute of Linguistics
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560 pages
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Foreward Francis I. Anderson
Preface Robert D. Bergen

Part I: Grammatical, Syntactical, and Accent Studies

  1. Discourse Linguistics and Biblical Hebrew Grammar Christo H. J. van der Merwe
  2. Weqatal Forms in Biblical Hebrew Prose Robert E. Longacre
  3. Salience, Implicature, Ambiguity, and Redundancy in Clause-Clause Relationships in Biblical Hebrew Francis I. Andersen
  4. On the Hebrew Verbal System Alviero Niccacci
  5. Methodological Collision between Source Criticism and Discourse Analysis Randall Buth
  6. A Discourse Perspective on the Significance of the Masoretic Accents Lars Lode

Part II: Narrative Genre

  1. Analysis of Biblical Narrative Alviero Niccacci
  2. Introducing Direct Discourse in Biblical Hebrew Narrative Cynthia L. Miller
  3. Genealogical Prominence and the Structure of Genesis T. David Andersen
  4. Some Literary and Grammatical Aspects of Genealogies in Genesis Nicholas Andrew Bailey
  5. Is Genesis 27:46 P or J? And How the Answer Affects Translation Hanni Kuhn
  6. The Miraculous Grammar of Joshua 3-4 Nicolai Winther-Nielsen
  7. Evil Spirits and Eccentric Grammar Robert D. Bergen
  8. A Textlinguistic Approach to the Biblical Hebrew Narrative of Jonah Robert E. Longacre and Shin Ja J. Hwang

Part III: Topics Relating to Nonnarrative Genres

  1. Functions and Implications of Rhetorical Questions in the Book of Job L&eacutenart J. de Regt
  2. Genre Criticism and the Psalms Ernst R. Wendland
  3. Genre and Form Criticism in Old Testament Exegesis Bo-Krister Ljungberg
  4. Hebrew Proverbs and How to Translate Them Murray Salisbury
  5. Units and Flow in the Song of Songs 1:1-2:6 John Callow
  6. Some Discourse Functions of Prophetic Quotation Formulas in Jeremiah H. Van Dyke Parunak
  7. The Poetic Properties of Prophetic Discourse in the Book of Micah Francis I. Andersen
  8. Vision and Oracle in Zechariah 1-6 David J. Clark
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Biblical language studies
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Niccacci, Alviero
Niccacci, Alviero
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