Bible Translation: An Introductory Course in Translation Principles

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Barnwell, Katharine
Reformatted [i.e. 4th] ed. 2002
SIL International
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266 pages
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Table of Contents:

Starting To Translate

Part One: Translation Principles, Problems, and Practice

  1. What is Translation?
  2. Two Kinds of Translation
  3. Some English Translations of the Bible
  4. How to Translate Idioms
  5. The Qualities of a Good Translation
  6. Two Steps in Translating
  7. How to Translate Unknown Ideas
  8. How to Study the Meaning of a Word
  9. How to Translate Special Biblical Terms
  10. How to Study Your Own Culture
  11. Towards Meaningful Translation
  12. Things that Hinder a Message from Being Understood
  13. More about Cross-Cultural Differences
  14. Further Exercises on Meaning-Based Translation
  15. Finding the Facts
  16. Ways of Providing Background Information
  17. A Natural Translation
  18. Discovering the Meaning 1--Event Ideas
  19. Discovering the Meaning 2--"Of" Phrases
  20. Discovering the Meaning 3--Active and Passive
  21. Discovering the Meaning 4--Short Cuts (Ellipsis)
  22. Discovering the Meaning 5--Complex Passages
  23. Discovering the Meaning 6--Order of Events
  24. Discovering the Meaning 7--Long of Short Sentences
  25. Figures of Speech--Comparisons
  26. Other Figures of Speech
  27. Rhetorical Questions
  28. Making a First Draft Translation
  29. How to Check a Translation
  30. Ten Ways to Test a Translation
  31. How to Make a Back-Translation
  32. Section Headings
  33. Pronoun Reference
  34. How to Discover the Grammar of Your Language
  35. Translation Problems--A Review

Part Two: Notes for Discussion Sessions on Planning and Organizing a Bible Translation Project

The Translation Team
Other Aspects of Planning a Bible Translation Project
Qualifications of a Bible Translator
Stages of a Bible Translation Project
What Can We Do to Encourage the Use of the Translated Scriptures?

Part Three: Check Yourself on Your Knowledge of Bible Background

Student's Working Sheets on the following topics:
  1. Everyday Life in Palestine
  2. The Religious Life of the Hebrews

Part Four: Principles Of Good Spelling

Student's Working Sheets

Part Five: Writing Practice

Student's Working Sheets

Part Six: Discovering The Grammar Of Your Own Language

Student's Working Sheets

Part Seven: Review Questionnaires

Review Questions on the following:
Bible Translation
Translating the Word of God
The Theory and Practice of Translation

Part Eight: Books For Translators

  1. Reference Books for Translators
  2. Further Reading on Translation Principles
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