PAWS: Parser and writer for syntax: drafting syntactic grammars in the third wave

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Black, Cheryl A. and H. Andrew Black
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SIL Forum for Language Fieldwork 2009-002
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Writing a grammar for a language can be a daunting task. Where does one begin? What are the most important things to include? While few of us will doubt the importance of having grammars for the languages and for the people we work with, it can seem like an inordinate amount of work.

Simons and Black (2008) note that we need to “work smarter” rather than work harder. One of the key notions is to produce “actionable” knowledge. They also note the role that XML technologies can play in enabling us to “work smarter.” The PAWS Starter Kit takes advantage of these technologies to create “actionable” knowledge which can be turned into a draft of a grammar write-up. The user merely answers questions presented via web pages and, at the press of a button, the program produces a draft of a grammar write-up reflecting those answers.

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Grammatical analysis
Computer programs
syntactic grammar
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