Mono 2000-item digital wordlist: presentation form

Statement of Responsibility:
Olson, Kenneth S., compiler, Brian E. Schrag, Barbara Schrag, Roger E. Olson, Marjorie Liedtke, Judy Kuntz and Lars Huttar, facilitators, Ama Geangozo Mbanza, and Kilio Tembenekuzu, translators
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SIL International
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Dallas, Texas
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SIL Language and Culture Documentation and Description 6
This paper presents a 2000-item digital wordlist of Mono, an Ubangian language spoken in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The wordlist includes orthographic and broad phonetic transcriptions of each word, English and French glosses, MP3 and WAV recordings of each item, GIF images of the original field transcriptions, and metadata for resource discovery. An archival form of the wordlist was deposited into an institutional archive (the SIL Language and Culture Archives) and includes a WAV digital recording of the entire session, descriptive markup encoding of the wordlist in XML employing Unicode 5.1 transcription, TIFF images of the original field transcriptions, a metadata record, and documentation of informed consent. The presentation form was then generated directly from the archival form.
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Congo (Kinshasa)
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Word lists
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