English Language Lessons

Photo: Rodney BallardLearning a language is so much more than simply memorizing vocabulary and learning grammar rules. It is something that needs to be lived and learned as we interact with people around us. These English Language Lessons for Newcomers are based on the Growing Participator Approach, developed by Greg and Angela Thomson. They were produced specifically with newcomers in mind and are a guide for those involved in assisting refugees, immigrants and other guests as they learn to speak English in their new environment.  

The Teacher's Guide and first twenty-five lessons for Phase One (Beginners) are available for download today. Thirty-five additional lesson plans for Phase One will be posted in the near future. Helps for Phase Two (Advanced Beginners) and Phase Three (Intermediate Learners) are also available below. Lessons have options for both American and British English vocabulary.
   Photo: Rodney Ballard

Phase One

  • Teaching English to Newcomers Teacher's Guide (WordPDF)
  • Lesson Plans 1-5 (WordPDF)
  • Lesson Plans 6-10 (Word, PDF)
  • Lesson Plans 11-15 (Word, PDF)
  • Lesson Plans 16-20 (Word, PDF)
  • Lesson Plans 21-25 (Word, PDF)

Phase Two

  • Ideas for Advanced Beginners (Word, PDF)

Phase Three

  • Ideas for Intermediate Learners (Word, PDF)


These English Language Lessons were adapted from German language lessons available through our partners at Wycliffe (Switzerland) and Wycliff (Germany). Those lessons, and additional information about training in German and French, can be found here:

German – Wycliff (Germany)
German – Wycliffe (Switzerland)
French – Wycliffe (Switzerland)