About SIL Publications

SIL International is committed to serving language communities worldwide as they build capacity for sustainable language development.  SIL International Publications publishes the results of our research, translation, training, and materials developed within these communities. 

Some of these works are published to this website as read-online, others are published as physical textbooks or studies in ethnography, linguistics, literacy & education, and sociolinguistics. SIL International Publications distributes these more formal works through this website, as well as making them available from other retailers such as Amazon, Baker & Taylor, and Blackwell Books.

Our scholars around the world also publish through the publications department of the fields in which they work. You will find links to published documents from these operations by country name on the SIL Publications main page.

For submission information to the book Series Publications and book Topical Publications, see the sidebar on this page. For submission guidelines to the e-Book series or one of the electronic paper series publications, view that individual series.