SIL e-Books, published electronically by SIL International, are authored primarily by SIL staff. The series includes book-length documents on language and culture, especially as related to lesser-known and endangered languages. Subject areas include linguistics, sociolinguistics, anthropology, translation, literacy and education, language and culture learning, and computer applications to those endeavors.


SIL e-Books 72

Schroeder, Leila

SIL e-Books 71

Klumpp, Deloris A., Barbara E. Hollenbach, editor

SIL e-Books 70

SIL e-Books 69

Nicole, Jacques

SIL e-Books 68

SIL e-Books 67

SIL e-Books 66

Castro, Andy, Pan Xingwen, editors

SIL e-Books 65

SIL e-Books 64

Pennington, Ryan; Garambon Magu and Tuboin Bangam, speakers

SIL e-Books 63

Taber, Kathleen B. and Mark H. Taber