A Workshop Guide for Primer Construction

Barnwell, Katharine, compiler

This book was prepared for use in workshop situations where the participants are mother tongue speakers of the languages involved and they have had no linguistic training. Presents steps to be followed in preparation of basic literacy books.

This book is also available in the LinguaLinks Library 5.0 software along with other Literacy resources.

"Katy" Barnwell has served with SIL International since 1963 in Nigeria and other countries in Africa, and from 1989 to 1999 in the International Translation Department at Dallas. Currently, she is an international translation consultant. She received her Ph.D. in Linguistics from the School of African and Oriental Studies and University College, London, in 1969.

Table of Contents:


Step 1: Listing all that has to be taught
Step 2: Preparing word-letter lists
Step 3: Planning a primer lesson (introduction)
Step 4 :Deciding the order in which to introduce letters
Step 5 :Finding and teaching functor words
Step 6 :Preparing the first lessons of the primer
Step 7: Writing the story for the reading page
Step 8: Preparing functor drills
Step 9: Preparing word-building drills
Step 10: Preparing syllable drills
Step 11: Teaching capital letters
Step 12: Teaching punctuation
Step 13: Teaching elision
Step 14: Teaching tone
Step 15: Preparing revision lessons
Step 16: Teaching writing
Step 17: Preparing notes for teachers
Step 18: Concerning format, layout and illustrations
Step 19: Testing the primer series
Step 20: Preparing tests to accompany the primers
Step 21: Towards preparing the first post-primer book and other post-primer material

Outline schedule for a Primer Construction Workshop
Worksheet for planning primmer lessons


Part 1: The complete literacy programme--an outline
Part 2: Towards preparing a pre-primer
Part 3: Discovering common grammatical features in a language
Part 4: Concerning teachers' guides
Part 5: On preparing supplementary teachers' aids
Part 6: Questionnaire

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