A sociolinguistic survey of the Ede language communities of Benin and Togo, Volume 8: Southern Nago language area

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McHenry, Michael M
The Southern Nago language of southeastern Benin is part of the larger Ede language continuum. The Ede languages are spoken in the southern part of West Africa stretching from western Nigeria across Benin to the eastern part of central Togo. Among the Ede varieties, two have thus far undergone language development on a larger scale: Yoruba both in Nigeria and Benin, and Ife in Togo. A survey of the Southern Nago communities was conducted to assess whether and to what extent existing literature and literacy efforts in Yoruba could extend to these Nago communities and to determine the nature and extent of SIL’s possible involvement among these communities. Through the administration of community and individual interviews, as well as the elicitation of word and phrase lists, the survey researchers collected data concerning: tested and reported levels of dialect intercomprehension; language vitality; language attitudes toward both written and oral forms of Nago and Yoruba; reported proficiency and attitudes regarding French; and literacy levels. Overall, the results show high levels of comprehension of Yoruba and language attitudes toward Yoruba by native Southern Nago speakers appear to be positive. There are, however, no indications of language shift.
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