The Koch of Bangladesh: A Sociolinguistic Survey

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Kim, Seung, Sayed Ahmad, Amy Kim and Mridul Sangma
The purpose of this sociolinguistic survey was to gather information that would be useful in planning a language development program for the Koch of Bangladesh. While SIL Bangladesh believes that the ultimate decision for undertaking such a program belongs to the Koch community, we also recognize that sometimes the initiative has to come from outside the community and that implementation is also best done through partnerships with interested experts. Thus, our purpose is to serve the Koch community and any interested partners by providing current and useful information. To meet this purpose, we approached a sociolinguistic survey of the Koch in Bangladesh with the following goals: • To investigate linguistic variation within each of the varieties and across the main varieties of Koch in Bangladesh (Tintekiya and Chapra) • To determine Koch speakers’ attitudes towards their own language variety and towards other varieties • To assess the long-term viability of Koch • To assess Koch speakers’ abilities in Bangla To accomplish these goals, this sociolinguistic survey of the Koch of Bangladesh was carried out in three interrelated parts: 1) a study of the language varieties spoken by the Koch, 2) a language attitudes and vitality study, and 3) a bilingualism study.
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