Report on the Haju Subdistrict Survey in Papua, Indonesia

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Kriens, Ron, Randy Lebold and Jacqualine Menanti
This report summarizes the findings of a linguistic and sociolinguistic survey conducted in a number of villages in Haju Subdistrict, Merauke Regency, in the province of Papua, Indonesia. Information was gathered by visiting eleven villages. The results indicate that four of these villages use the Asue Awyu language and seven villages use the Kayagar language. Vernacular use remains strong in private domains but national language use is increasing. Further survey is needed in the Kayagar-speaking villages that have not yet been visited to get a more complete picture of internal dialectology of Kayagar, as well as its relationship to the Tamagario language. Dialect intelligibility testing and/or participatory assessment may be needed in the Asue Awyu and Kayagar-speaking language areas to determine the number of language-development programs needed.
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