The Tripura of Bangladesh: A Sociolinguistic Survey

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Kim, Amy, Seung Kim, Palash Roy and Mridul Sangma
The Tripura people collectively speak several language varieties. This survey report gives an account of the sociolinguistic research that took place among the Tripura in Bangladesh, including the Usoi Tripura (who refer to their language as Kau Brung), the Debbarma Tripura (who call their language Kok Borok), the Riang (who sometimes refer to their language as Kau Bru), and ten groups of Tripura from Khagrachari district (who also often call their language Kok Borok). The goals of the research were to better understand linguistic variation, language attitudes, intelligibility in select varieties, current language and community development efforts, and bilingual abilities among the Tripura people of Bangladesh. Tools used in this research were interviews, wordlists, questionnaires, and stories recorded in two varieties (Naitong Kok Borok from Khagrachari, Bangladesh, and Debbarma Kok Borok from Agartala, India). Fieldwork for this research took place from March through July 2007.
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