Mirpuri Immigrants in England: A Sociolinguistic Survey

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Lothers, Michael and Laura Lothers

More than half a million Mirpuri people, originally from Pakistani-administered Kashmir now live in England. Mirpuri immigrants in the UK are primarily located in Yorkshire. This survey uses questionnaires and observation to evaluate language attitude and use patterns. It looks at the distribution of Mirpuri people in England; language attitudes and vitality; and reports comprehensibility with Pahari/Pothowari dialects in Pakistan. Language attitudes are high and practices that maintain contact with their home country, such as arranging marriages back to Mirpur, are indicators that Mirpuri has high language vitality. Not surprisingly, language use patterns among the younger generation indicate a higher proficiency in English. Data for this survey was gathered from February to March 2003.

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Language surveys
United Kingdom
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