Beng Survey Report

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Davison, Phil

The Beng language, which is otherwise known by its Baoulé name Ngain, is a Southern Mandé language spoken by c. 16,000 speakers in the sous préfectures of M’bahiakro and Prikro. SIL have had a team in the Beng project for the last 11 years. Recently, doubts have arisen as to the viability of the language: there has been long-standing influence from Baoulé, and more recently from Dioula. Specifically, there are five villages in the Beng area where the people do not speak Beng, but Baoulé.

With limited time for this survey (7–10 days), extensive bilingualism/comprehension testing of Baoulé and Dioula was clearly not feasible. The aim was to concentrate on language displacement, i.e., to see if the fact that Baoulé is the language of at least five villages indicates that Beng is being replaced by Baoulé. [In the interest of making this work available without further delay, we are posting it as it was written. It has not been subjected to further review.]

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