Multilingualism among the Konda Dora

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Blair, F. and J. George; S. George and S. Watters, researchers
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This survey was intiated by Mr. Jacob George in order to discover the language in which the literacy needs of the Konda Dora may most effectively be met. It is the opinion of the researchers that this language will be the one which significant (e.g., uneducated, female, etc.) segments of the Konda Dora population control well enough to understand narrative material in that language. It will also be a language towards which the Konda Dora people have good attitudes and which they deem suitable for their people to read.

With this purpose in mind, the survey concentrated primarily on the issues of bilingualism, language use, and language attitudes among the Konda Dora. The place of the Konda Dora language in the overall linguistic ecology of the area was also considered to be important. Our research was confined almost exclusively to the Konda Dora dwelling in the Araku region. We were not able to contact Konda Dora living at any great distance from the valley. [ In the interest of making this work available without further delay, we are posting it as it was written. It has not been subjected to further review.]

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