Being vectored in: the harmonics of international relations

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Preface -- I. Friendship -- Happy New Year! -- A little baby thing that made a woman cry -- Benefits not forgot -- Congratulations! -- Extraordinary work -- Gold stripes for the pilot -- Hang grief! -- High praise -- Not CIA -- If you meet visitors, mag-adjust*! -- Smooth functioning of this net -- An interruption -- The year saw many changes -- We will never forget the policeman's tears -- He left at one a.m. -- II. Faithfulness -- Coal into diamonds -- Colonel Nazareno -- Learning the hard way -- Contacts with Mexicans inspire confidence -- Dick, make me look good -- Honorary president of the patronato -- How can we fit in? -- Invitation to a long visit -- No arrangements had been made -- Only in serving the country -- A royal toothache -- So Moses finished the work -- The "Spirit of Kansas City" -- Translators of all trades -- What to write with the President's pen -- Excerpts from a letter to the President of Mexico -- The noble knack of networking -- A road map did it -- III. The first glue -- How to do business with foreign governments -- Liaison with government—everyone's responsibility -- Observational and applied science -- Oh, by the way -- The banqueting table -- To help clear this error -- Thanks for kind consideration -- Two Presidents...and the Chamulas -- Alphabetic index -- Topical Index
William Cameron Townsend
Government relations
Building friendships
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